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Here are six old family photos that were recently sent by Lenny Wasserman, including a very early photo of Abraham Tessler that most of you probably have not seen.  Why don't you take a minute, drag out that shoebox from the back of the closet, and send me some more photos?!  I will scan them and get them right back to you.

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(Can you recognize these original members
 of the Tessler Family Circle?  Hold your mouse
 over anyone's picture to learn his/her name!
Thanks to Arthur and Norma for identifying faces for me!)

(Israel) Joe Costin Aaron Tessler Marty Refkin Marvin Wasserman Sylvia Refkin Scheiner Norma Kaplan Friedman Edward Kaplan Louis Costin Ben Weingarten (Leon) Label Kaplan Jack Kartzinel Paul Goldsman Mildred Goldsman Rothstein George Goldsman Joseph Refkin Abe Wasserman Shirley Kaplan Leonard Wasserman Emma Weingarten Minnie Costin Anna Kaplan Toiba Tessler Beatrice Kartzinel Rita Kartzinel Eisenstein Lillie Goldsman Mucie Refkin Bella Wasserman Marlene Costin Storm Irwin Kartzinel


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Welcome to the cyberspace home of the Tessler Family Circle.  We hope that all members of the Circle will find this to be a useful and convenient tool to stay in touch between meetings and to learn more about the history of the family.

The Tessler Family Circle was founded in 1943 by the nine children (8 daughters and 1 son) of Abraham and Toiba Tessler. (Actually, one of the daughters was still in Russia at this time and didn't arrive in America until 1959 - but who's quibbling?) Although they were a close-knit family, they had also endured much hardship and separation.  The siblings were concerned that as they married and moved away with their new families, the Tessler family would lose touch with their roots and with one another.  They needn't have worried.  Although all nine siblings and their spouses have passed away, the Tessler Family Circle keeps growing and growing. 

Just click on ANY name on the tree below to learn more about that person's branch of the family.  (NOTE:  So far, most of these pages are still "under construction."  If you can email us your entries for the Golden Book, they will be posted so we can all enjoy can mail photos, too - they will be returned!)

If you have any more information, photos, recipes, reminiscences, suggestions, etc., please click here to contribute to this web site.  Remember, we want to hear from everybody!!


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